Amazon Kindle Devices are Best Sellers This Holiday Season

Author: Jesse Bauer
Published: December 30, 2011 at 8:05 am

A new way of thinking the tablet market is proving to be a very successful marketing campaign for Amazon and their line of Kindle Devices. As it turns out, the Amazon Kindle Fire (7 inch Android tablet for $199)is the hottest selling item from Amazon this holiday season. Guess who is in the number two and three spots? You may have guessed, but number 2 belongs to the Kindle Touch e-reader, followed by the Kindle e-reader at number three. Big sales for Amazon!

The Kindle devices apparently broke all kinds of Amazon sales records, therefore Amazon made a Press Release about it to show themselves off to Apple let us know. With Apple possibly releasing a smaller iPad, or even a couple of newer models, it's clear that Amazon has made an impact on the tablet market currently dominated by the iPad. Apple may be re-thinking a way to battle the 'budget' Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet by reducing the cost of the iPad 2 when the new iPad models come out in 2012. Would you buy a Kindle Fire or an Apple iPad 2 for under $249?

Check out the full Amazon Press Release here.

Source - Amazon PR


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