App Review: Angry Birds Rio

Author: Michael Kazanowski
Published: March 26, 2011 at 3:21 pm

Angry Birds RioAngry Birds Rio for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch ($1.29) is the third installment in the electrically popular Angry Birds series, designed and published by Rovio Mobile Ltd.

The game is exactly the same in concept as the two previous Angry Birds, in which you slingshot a bird of various types in an attempt to hit and rid the world of the pigs. Only in this game you try to free birds locked up in cages, and stop Marmosets, which are South American monkeys. This gives the game a little bit of change to save itself from repeating for the third time.

The game also features a brand new set of graphics and a totally redesigned look, which compliments Apple's Retina display perfectly. The game also has foreground and background images that move depending on where you are looking and how far you are zoomed in. This gives the game a very nice 3-D effect.
Another new feature to the game is a boss battle, which involves a huge bird flying around the stage and you get to launch birds—including a brand new bird—at the big guy. Check out the game to see the new bird.

Rio is immensely easier then its predecessors, which is good and bad. Bad in that the game is over quickly. Good in that it gives you more time to focus on finding the bonuses of the game: attaining all the achievements, and three-starring all the levels.
In each world (currently there are two) with a new one set to come out every two months for the rest of 2011, there are 30 levels as well as thirty "golden fruits" to find. Golden fruit are essentially little secret items scattered around in random levels. Three-starring a level is actually more difficult then one might think, and doing so is necessary to get all the Game Center achievements. So the game, despite looking easy, is actually fairly difficult, and offers tons to do for those who complete the game.

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