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Apple iPad 3 Pictured for the First Time

Author: Reed Sanders
Published: February 19, 2012 at 11:45 am

People have been waiting for a long time to see what the next generation Apple iPad would look like, especially after all the rumors online. Some of those rumors involved the size of display at 2048 x 1536, the largest iPad display, and tablet display on the market. Also, the iPad 3 seen above will have LTE and an A6 quad-core processor. Other rumors have been reported that we would also see a larger battery, which would force the case of the iPad 3 to be re-designed to make room for the improved battery life.

Pictured above is the first time that anyone has laid eyes on the Apple iPad 3, courtesy of Chinese newspaper Apple Daily. As you can see in the picture above, the iPad 3 will have the 8 megapixel rear camera previously rumored. The outline of the rear camera is a little different than the iPad 2, as well as the backside of the iPad 3showing a little more curve in the bezel. That means we won't be able to use many of the cases made for the iPad 2 as many had probably hoped. That said though, this iPad 3 looks like a real winner for Apple...again, which we should all hear about officially from Apple in the first week of March.

Source - Apple Daily


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