Apple Just Announced the New Apple TV with 1080p

Author: Reed Sanders
Published: March 07, 2012 at 11:04 am


In San Francisco, Apple took the stage and made an announcement for the new Apple TV. It has a new UI (user interface) which will show very large images for the movies or TV shows you want to watch. It has the same look and style as the last model of Apple TV.

The new Apple TV also supports third party apps such as Photo Stream' for your iCloud photos to stream easily to your TV screen. Any iTunes playlists can be streamed as well. The Apple TV now has a faster interface allowing it to stream movies directly from iCloud. When they showed a demo, a movie was set to start playing an hour into the time, and it loaded within 10 seconds.

The Apple TV is available for ordering today from Apple's website, and will only cost $99 USD.Source - Engadget


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