Apple's Next-Gen iPhone 5S Will Be In The Works Soon?

Author: Dan Reyes
Published: November 12, 2012 at 6:12 pm

A new report claims that Apple will be working very soon on their next-generation iPhone called the "iPhone 5S."

This report comes originally from a Chinese newspaper with the name Market Daily Commercial Times. A technology and gadgets news blog translated that Chinese newspaper report here.

That same report also claims that Apple is believed to have "accelerated the certification process for parts and materials of the "alleged" iPhone 5S because of production problems with the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, there's no mention of the exact month and day when the "alleged" iPhone 5S will be released for sale.

A new version of the iPad and Apple's iTV are also mentioned in the report to be upped for production very soon for an early release sometime next year.

All these new buzz and rumors may or may not come into fruition as Apple hasn't confirmed a thing in regards to production reports.

However, if indeed there's any truth in the validity of this rumor, the question then becomes why it's necessary for a new iPhone model to come out so soon despite the fact that iPhone 5 just came out very recently in September this year? Well, your guess is as good as mine.


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