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ARM Builds, Chetu Delivers Secure Checkout Experiences

Author: David Goehst
Published: December 22, 2012 at 3:52 pm

web commerce securityHaving your website shopping carts secured with third-party certificates isn’t the only method of bringing shoppers to your website, having them fill their baskets and scurry off to your payment page.  With holiday shoppers pressing for quicker, more secure and recognizable shopping platforms, Reuters reports ARM Holdings, the British-based chip designer, has launched a new security standard which tightens down, speeds up yet simplifies the shopping experience both on desktop and mobile platforms. This would eliminate the need for third-party devices, states Ben Cade, a chief executive with partnering Trustonic.

Prevent Ditched Shopping Carts

Security is always an issue with mobile and internet-based transacting.  Companies like Chetu, an Inc. Top 1200 company, excel in IT infrastructure and web commerce security.  Combining the forces of ARM Holdings and Chetu will allow overall ecommerce platforms to be build for businesses and consumers' safeguarding.

The science of avoiding ditched shopping carts resonates from various on-page optimization tactics, offers which you intend to provide the shopper and other perks surrounding your products themselves. To avert future disaster when you’ve got the consumer on the hook, Chetu offers these tactics for optimizing your content, securing your entire website and working towards making the overall experience perfect for your consumers.

Proudly Display All Security Seals

Since you’ve purchased secure sockets layer protection for your website, perhaps you’ve never setup the seals which come with your protection.  It would benefit you, your customers and potential online reviews of your business by simply placing verifiable logos of VeriSign, Comodo or whatever SSL certificate you own in areas where products exist, directly below the ‘Buy’ buttons and everywhere else necessary to send your message of protection to all whom will buy from you.  If third-party software powers your site, make sure to let your customers know by placing that company’s seal where products exist.

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