ASUS Releases New Teaser Video for MWC 2012

Author: Reed Sanders
Published: February 23, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Coming up at the beginning of next week until March 1st 2012 in Barcelona, Spain is the Mobile World Congress event (MWC 2012). At this event, we'll see a few familiar faces such as Samsung, Research In Motion, and of course, ASUS. They have been busy lately with their Ice Cream Sandwich releases and updates for existing products, but one device most people are excited to finally see available will be the ASUS PadFone. The PadFone is an Android smartphone which can dock internally to its tablet partner. This makes it easy to tote two devices around, while being able to maximize battery efficiency by charging the smartphone from the tablet when it's docked.

The video released by ASUS shows us that they have some exciting news which could be taken a couple of ways. It could mean that ASUS is planning on showing off two devices at MWC, being the long-awaited PadFone (smartphone and tablet), or it could also mean that they have a new screen in production which will double the current resolution of their existing tablets. The video is pretty obscure about what to expect, but it does start showing us a number of balls in a box. This is meant to illustrate the number of pixels on a screen. Then as the video moves on, the number of pixels seems to double within the same space, showing us afterwards the classic ASUS Android tablet home screen.


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