Bang Your Friends with Bang With Friends

Author: Stephen Alexander
Published: January 30, 2013 at 5:55 am

Bang With FriendsThe allegedly anonymous app, Bang With Friends, claims a way for Facebook users to sexually connect with their opposite-sex friends. The app plans to expand following its sex-cessful launch last week.

According to one report, an app for same-sex relationships is under development along with an iPhone app for sex on the run.

Bang With Friends claims an user-base of more than 30,000, according to the three-man anonymous team of creators. Moreover, the app is registering around 5 new users a minute, or as they like to call them - “Bangers.”

The contact email for the app's creators is: The entire operation has a college quality that likely appeals to the young user base.
Joining the app is fairly easy, as users sign in with Facebook and are taken to a page that shows the names and photos of their Facebook friends. Users of Bang With Friends must then choose a friend with a click to the “Down to Bang” button. The text then changes to “Awaiting Bang.”

The app alleges that it will only show your friends that you're interested if they are likewise interested in you. Then, the app notifies both friends that their benefits await.

For the moment, the app only works for heterosexual users, as the list of friends only includes members of the opposite sex, along with gender-less users.
To the remiss of at least one poster, not this author: as of yet, you can't yet bang friends of friends.


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