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Blogging Using Only the iPad Mini

Author: Patrick Lambert
Published: February 12, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Tablets have become the de facto post-PC era devices that took the technology world by storm ever since the first iPad was introduced by Apple. Since then we've seen a lot of new tablets hit the market, including Android devices along with the latest Surface Pro from Microsoft. Still, the iPad is to this day the most popular single tablet device out there, and since the iPad Mini has been released, it has become a very portable way to stay connected. One interesting question however is whether the iPad Mini can really become your go-to computing device for all of your blogging needs.

As a blogger, there are several things that you may require from your computing platform, and on the surface it may be dubious whether the iPad Mini really answers those needs. First, you need to be highly mobile, since many bloggers like to cover news, community and press events, things that require you to go outside and drive somewhere. Another very important criteria is allowing you to write your blog posts easily. Finally it needs to provide all the secondary functions such as image cropping, resizing, uploading, the ability to handle video, make Skype calls to contacts, and everything else a blogger typically does.

Where the iPad Mini shine is obvious: It's a small, highly portable device, which provides you with a big enough screen to do real work, something that can be painful to do on a phone. By adding a Bluetooth keyboard, you can easily type a whole blog post, and it is powerful enough to keep up with anything you require. With its LTE connection, it has the same connectivity and benefits as a phone, and the larger screen and wireless keyboard makes it into a small laptop. When it comes to apps, iOS usually wins with the most apps out there. You can Skype, many different image editors, and so on. Plus, there are even apps that are made especially for bloggers. Blogsy for example is a popular iPad app that provides a very nice interface for almost any blogging platform out there including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and so on.

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