Cloud Computing Costs are About What's After the Subscription

Author: Craig Klein
Published: June 17, 2011 at 12:24 pm

Cloud-Computing-Online-CRMThough the press is all abuzz about Cloud Computing, you wouldn't know it was such an up and coming trend when standing in the office of your typical small business.

For many small businesses, the first hurdle is a largely emotional one - control.  When I own software, run it on my computers and all the data is stored here in my four walls, I have control. That makes me feel safe.

All it takes is one failure of your internally managed information or business systems for you to see beyond this issue. For instance, if run ACT! software on a server in my office and my sales team keeps all their customer and lead information in the ACT! database, I have control over that crucial information. However, many a business has been stung when a sales person navigated his way to the server and made a copy of the ACT! database just before informing the owner that he's leaving to work for the competition. All of the sudden, I'm a lot more interested in using an online CRM solution because it can protect my information more completely than I'm able to myself.

Once you begin to evaluate cloud based solutions, the second hurdle is economic. Fundamentally, its a choice between paying a subscription fee every month or year on-going or buying software and hardware once and then maintaining it yourself.

Of course, you're cloud solution sales person will quickly be able to show you that when you consider the cost of maintaining, upgrading and babysitting technology internally, the on-going subscription fees of a cloud based solution actually save you money.

OK, so now you've realized your information is more secure in the cloud and you'll actually save money, in addition to the other benefits of always having the latest technology and easier connectivity to related applications in the cloud.

Now its time to select a solution. Even among cloud based solutions, there's more to the economic equation than trade offs between subscription fees and features.

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