Cold Fusion – Boondoggle and Bonanza?

Author: Stephen Alexander
Published: November 07, 2011 at 3:07 pm

E-cat with Inventor Andrea RossiConducting a public demonstration of his “cold fusion” machine, the E-cat, Italian physicist and inventor Andrea Rossi showed that a small amount of input energy drives an unexplained reaction between atoms of hydrogen and nickel that leads to a large outpouring of energy, more than 10 times the energy than the input energy.

Most well-respected physicists, including the Department of Energy and the U.S. Patent Office consider cold fusion machines to be hoaxes. Of course the same thing was once said about every revolutionary invention, including electricity, the radio, the telephone, the nuclear bomb. and the computer.

At his public demonstration in October, Mr. Rossi built a larger version of the E-cat, by combining many smaller cold fusion modules. At this demonstration, an initial energy input of 400 watts was put into each module. Each module, then produced a continuous and sustained output of 10 kW for a total of 47 kW for three to four hours.

Mr. Rossi does not yet have a patent, and so the inner workings of the E-cat are unknown to the public. Mr. Rossi has incorporated, under the name Leonardo Corp., which will produce and sell his E-cat machines. If Mr. Rossi's E-cat machine does work, then it will be a bonanza for him and for the world. And if Mr. Rossi's E-cat machine does in fact work, then it will be a boondoggle for all the other energy producers in the world.


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