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Cool Touch Table Made of Fifteen iPads

Author: Steve Woods
Published: November 19, 2012 at 5:37 am

Joe Mehrl, the Director of Research and Development at interactive design firm Universal Mind, has come up with a unique, do it yourself interactive table using a set of Apple iPad tablets. Called an iPad table, Mehrl's special surface consists of fifteen iPads in a 3 x 5 arrangement, networked together via a wireless router.

While the similar Microsoft driven Samsung SUR40 Surface Table is a 40" seamless touch surface, it runs around $8,000. Mehrl's table, if constructed of second-generation iPad 2s, would run around $6,000, plus the price of connectivity and a unified application.

"The great thing about the application running on each iPad is that it makes for a truly configurable set up," said Mehrl on his website. "With the controlling iPhone application we can do several things. For example we can set the background color and duration to easily fade colors. We can also reset the experience as well as a nice little kill switch to quickly close all the applications."

How could such a configuration be used elsewhere? How about as a high definition electronic ad banner used as store signage? Mehrl already foresees such an arrangement. "For example we have a 5×3 set up but this could be a 1×15 set up with all the iPads in a single line if we wanted."

Here's the iPad table in action...


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