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Author: Kyle Leishear
Published: December 13, 2012 at 5:43 pm

What started out as a bet has turned into a movement.  Dev Bootcamp started out as a payoff to a bet between two friends has now turned into a school of sorts for people wanting to learn how to become a web developer and learn programming in a short amount of time.  To accomplish this potential future web developers must first go through the Dev Bootcamp, much like actual military bootcamp it is intense but it all serves a greater purpose.

Shareef Bishay took his friends bet and turned around and taught him programming.  In doing so they discovered that there might be more people who are looking to learn programming.  So Shareef posted in Hacker News and the response was tremendous.  So with that they developed Dev Bootcamp.  The purpose of the Dev Bootcamp is to create the next wave of computer developers and engineers in a field that is growing not just in the Bay Area but all around the country.  After the 9 week course the students are field-ready, that is the main goal of Dev Bootcamp.

At Dev Bootcamp you learn Ruby on Rails and Python and HTML5 and CSS and so much more.  The conditions inside the Bootcamp resemble that of military bootcamp, no cellphones, no distractions, no Facebook, no email, NOTHING allowed to distract you from your ultimate goal.  Breaking this simple rule comes with a penalty, from pushups to donations to charity.  Don’t think you will be the only one doing the punishment oh no sir; instead your colleagues will suffer for your infractions.  Further pushing the “work in a team” mentality that is the mantra of Dev Bootcamp.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and do a video interview with one of the founders of Dev Bootcamp Shareef and in the video interview we cover just how Dev Bootcamp got started and where it is going and so much in between you can check out that video here.

From the very beginning Shareef has been evolving his teaching techniques, every week they sit down and look at how things have been going and where they can make improvements, all in the name of creating very hireable in just 9 weeks.  So you are sitting there wondering if this could be your lifestyle, a lifestyle of working in a team environment and not being a lonely creepy guy in a basement, Dev Bootcamp is no joke.

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