DNA sequencing device of the size of a USB memory stick

Author: Usman Zafar Paracha
Published: February 18, 2012 at 6:37 am

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd., a biotechnological company in UK, has revealed the small DNA strand sequencer dubbed “MinION”. This small device is of the size of a USB memory stick and can be plugged into a laptop or a desktop computer to sequence the genes or DNA.

The company has integrated the novel nanopores “strand sequencing” techniques into this small device in order to get “ultra long read length single molecule sequence data” with considerable accuracy through GridION platform developed by the company. Read length is the amount of DNA readable at a time.

"The exquisite science behind nanopore sensing has taken nearly two decades to reach this point; a truly disruptive single molecule analysis technique, designed alongside new electronics to be a universal sequencing system.  GridION and MinION are poised to deliver a completely new range of benefits to researchers and clinicians," said Dr Gordon Sanghera, CEO of Oxford Nanopore.

GridION platform has scalable instruments i.e. nodes with consumable cartridges having array chips for multi-nanopore sensing. These nodes and cartridges can deliver tens of GBs of sequencing data per 24 hours depending on the experiment and the user’s need to run the device for minutes or days.

MinION is a disposable device with a sensor chip, ASIC and the fluidics system important to do a complete single molecule sensing experiment. This device can perform DNA and genome sequencing, and protein sensing and other nanopore sensing. It would be available this year at $900.

(Image Credit: Oxford Nanopore Technologies)


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