Does Google Project Glass Have Staying Power?

Author: Curt Finch
Published: April 26, 2012 at 5:34 pm

On April 4, Google announced Project Glass, what some are calling the coolest hardware demo so far this year. Even though the augmented-reality glasses are causing masses of people to totally geek out, Google Project Glass is not immune to being the target of many jokes (including a pretty funny spoof from The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart). Why all the jokes?

Consumers Guarded with New Tech

Truth be told, consumers are always wary of new technology that is totally different than anything they’ve seen before.  When Apple introduced the iPad, many questioned the need for an extra device; its place in consumers’ lives was not obvious. Now the iPad is the top tablet in the market. It’s the same scenario with Google Project Glass.  Many wonder, why use Google Project Glass when you can just use your phone?

But the better question is: why not use Google Project Glass? For the most part, the augmented-reality glasses do what a person could do with a smartphone, such as look up information and socialize. But this video also shows glimpses of an artificial-intelligence (AI) system working behind the scenes. It may be hard to envision the need for Google Project Glass now, but that's true with all new technology that increases our ability to acquire information. 

Tech Fizzles 

One cannot deny the cool factor, as well. Apple has certainly perfected the art of making technology cool.  But other seemingly cool technologies just aren't catching on. Take video phones, for example.  FaceTime and Skype are not as popular the market predicted.  You don't see consumers video chatting with each other; texting is still preferred. It could be due to video chatting still being rather cumbersome.  On FaceTime, you have to be on wifi which is a hindrance.  On Skype, not everyone is logged on at all times.  Google+ Hangouts is stalled by the lack of Google+'s popularity.  Maybe we will still see video chat’s heyday at some point in the future, but it’s not today.  

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