Edifier Prisma Colors: Crisp Sound and Bass

Author: Benjamin Kerensa
Published: November 01, 2012 at 5:05 pm

Edifier Prisma ColorsIt is rare that you get to test out a set of PC speakers when you but them from a retail store. Often times your stuck going by the promises and features of the manufacturer packaging.

The past few weeks I have been testing out the Edifier Prisma Colors which is a modern looking pair of speakers that come in a variety of colors depending on your taste.


The Prisma Colors speaker system has a modern look that is savvy enough for a high end office in SOHO but will also fit in a student dorm. The sleek speaker towers match up nicely with the rounded subwoofer design.

Sound Quality

The stats for these speakers do not give them the full bravo they deserve, I was ultimately surprised at how well the sound filled medium to large sized rooms and how crisp the sound was even at a high volume setting. The speakers have a frequency of 190Hz - 20kHz while the Subwoofer 30Hz - 130Hz.

Connectivity and Control

The Prisma Colors come with a desktop volume control which also has two audio jacks and this control device plugs into your laptop or desktop pc allowing you to control sound directly from the set itself.

The Subwoofer has its own bass control and the edifier receives power through a pretty hefty power supply.


With a price of only $99.99 currently at the Edifier site and considering the features, design and sound clarity the Prisma Colors seems like an excellent opportunity for those looking to invest in a pair of speakers that are likely to provide them sound quality well into the future.


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