Exclusive Interview with Travellers Point Co-Founder Peter Daams

Author: David Iwanow
Published: October 31, 2012 at 6:57 am

I was always interested in what it takes to run Travellers Point a large travel blog platform and what it means when the founders decided to have their team is based in Melbourne not Bangalore or Manila. I took sometime out to interview Peter Daams one of their co-founders on how it started, what insights he had learned running one of the leading online travel guides and some insights into new technology they are building to improve their visitors experiences booking accommodation online.

How did you get started with TravellersPoint? When did it first kick off? What was the first technology you used?

Travellers Point started as a hobby and way of exploring web development. My brother was involved in the travel industry, so he suggested we do something related to that. Our concept was to be a reunion site for travelers. Back in those days, sites like Reunion.com and Classmates.com were a big deal and we figured something like that for travelers could work. It did sort of and we did reunite a few people, but in the end it’s been the other features we added that have really worked the best.

You are very active in the travel community via Travel Massive? How important is meeting and mixing with the travel industry? How is technology changing this?

I love to engage with other locals involved in the travel industry. I feel like a lot of meet ups have sprung up as a follow-on trend to networking sites like Twitter. At some point, the people on these sites wanted to meet their new online friends in real-life. So meet-up groups started to spring up all over the place. It’s really great to occasionally be able to sit down over a beer and discuss some new ideas. There’s some great people in the local online travel industry in Melbourne that are always fun to catch up with.

What is the one travel website/app you think people are not aware of and should be using?

Speaking of Melbourne online travel companies, one of my favorites is Rome 2 Rio. They definitely deserve to be known more widely. You can ask them to show you the best way to get from your house to the Big Ben and they will be able to tell you which flights, trains and buses to catch to make it possible. I don’t know of anyone who comes close to achieving this kind of multi-modal search.

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