Eye-Tracking and Its Modern Uses

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: August 16, 2012 at 8:18 am

What do you know about eye-tracking?

If you know anything about it, then you’re probably aware of the fact that it is known for being used in cognitive science, psychology – mainly psycholinguistics.

Elaborating on the psychological reasons for early eye-tracking devices – they were used to learn about the attention span of the study subject. Where or what were they looking at? What types of things grabbed their attention and for how long? Were they learning anything of value in the process? Or were they more attentive towards things that were harder to comprehend?

The company EyeTrackShop has revolutionized the business of eye-tracking and the purposes it serves in the business world.

EyeTrackShop is the world’s first biometric online eye tracking solution for large scale online panels. The eye-tracking is achieved via a user’s webcam.

Eye-tracking studies reveal that over 30% of all impressions displayed in-screen are never looked at it.

These numbers are enough to discourage many businesses from using their marketing dollars on the internet. Net surfers are weary of ads, often overwhelmed by what they might feel as “unimportant.” Often it is believed that the ad has nothing to do with something they’ve even ever searched for.

EyeTrackShop has developed a new a way for advertisers to use panels to research what attracts our eyes and for how long. It’s called realCPM.

Jeff Bander, President of the Americas at EyeTrackShop, tells us a little bit about how the technology works.

“You bring these people that live in the local area into a room that is a controlled environment with eye-tracking experts. The eye-tracking tells exactly what they see, what they don’t see, what order they see it in, how long they look at it and how quickly they can focus on it. This is data that you can’t get from asking questions.” Jeff said.

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