Facebook Traffic Drops For a Second Month In a Row - Is The Funfair Over?

Author: Ivy Bliss
Published: June 13, 2011 at 11:37 am

Inside Facebook reported, for the first time, a consecutive monthly drop in traffic figures, making this a slower growth than usual. The U.S. fell to 149.4 million users in May, while Canada lost 1.52 million. The U.K., Norway and Russia also reported losses of over 100,000 users, according to today’s morning tech wrap on Forbes.

The question is, what could be behind this dramatic fall? Invariably, short-term factors will always influence Facebook’s traffic from country to country. Yet, could this perhaps have something to do with the recent cyber security breaches on the networks of other major sites and big corporations like IMF's? Cyber threats could indeed create a negative perception of the online platform. The social networking site, although highly popular, isn’t an exception, if web-surfers are feeling unsafe or insecure, when it comes to their data and personal info.

Another element to consider is Facebook’s Marketplace; a global virtual space, which I still consider just a ‘local market’ due to its geo-limitations, when it comes to trading goods. Although the site hasn’t capitalized yet on its full ecommerce potential the possibilities for the site are endless. But marketing campaigns from third party retailers, which are using Facebook’s platform as a trading ground, could indirectly hinder the site’s core purpose to socialize, and which promotes the “It’s free and always will be” slogan.

On the other hand, Facebook is frequently upgrading its interphase to give users new features. Constant changes occasionally generate temporary ‘usage time off’ to 'digest' the new benefits. And speaking of usage, last February Psychologists from Edinburgh Napier University released the results of a study, showing that people with more Facebook friends are more likely to feel stressed or anxious about using the website. But is there such a thing as too many friends on Facebook? If users finally started to catch up with the causes of those ‘discomforts’, it was just a matter of time before they started to log off, which now begs the question, what is next for Facebook?


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