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Fashionably Digital: Tech Tips for Designers to Go from Concept to Runway

Author: Don Martelli
Published: July 30, 2012 at 12:21 pm

Fashion and home décor design services are a multi-billion dollar business, with their own intense level of competition based on creativity, skill, aesthetics and channeling the zeitgeist of modern life.  Trends change quickly from season to season and today’s designers must be adaptable and constantly challenge their own design sense to provide something new, build their reputation and connect their fans with their artistry. They need to be artists, trendsetters and astute business people–all at the same time.

Television shows like Lifetime’s Project Runaway and NBC’s Fashion Star, or whole networks devoted to design, such as HGTV, have inspired aspiring designers in all areas–fashion, interior decorating, jewelry and accessories, landscape, etc.–to pursue their passion, develop their art and do it part-time or professionally.

From finding inspiration, to managing your images and collections, to promoting your designs and services, here are some simple steps to get you started and to stay organized. 

Capture Your Ideas & Inspirations

Design ideas can come from anywhere at any time.  Watch an interview or documentary with any of the foremost designers, whether it’s Jean Paul Gaultier, Anna Sui or Ralph Lauren, and they’ll inevitably tell you about how their season’s collection reflects a diverse array of elements; possibly a particular era in history, an artist, a style of architecture, the natural world or simply were inspired by an emotion. 

Think about the things that inspire you, engage your imagination or you want explore, and then save them.  Research images and photos online to build galleries of what you like or that inspire you. Capture images of people, artwork, architecture, colors or patterns–anything that speaks to your design sense while you are engaging with the world.  All smartphones now have a camera as a standard feature and using an app like Instagram allows you to capture, share and save moments of inspiration easily.  Also, if you take inspiration from an historical era, read books and descriptions from the time period and take notes on the descriptions, details and the mood it evokes.  Watch movies and television shows from that time period.  Many clips can be found on YouTube and saved to a favorites list for later reference.

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