Firefox 7 Might Use 50 to 75 Percent More Memory

Author: Raymond van Velzen
Published: August 13, 2011 at 6:05 am

This article is for pure entertainment purposes only; facts and opinions included are the authors, not Technorati's, and are mostly fictional and are meant to be humorous. In a statement released today, the Mozilla Foundation announced that for all future versions of Firefox, starting with version 7 which is still under development, reducing memory leaks will no longer be a priority – not at all, actually.

Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla Corporation, said in a press conference that Mozilla sensed that developers were getting very tired of the endless whining about memory usage of the popular browser and its many plugins.

“We don’t want to annoy people, and certainly not the developers who contribute so much to Firefox. In a time where everyone can have 4 GB of RAM, a browser slowly eating up a gigabyte or more shouldn’t be a problem. And if it crashes, it takes just a minute to start up again, so there’s really no point to be so uptight about it”, Kovavs said, while handing out baskets with complimentary memory modules.

When reporters compared Firefox against Google Chrome‘s performance and stability, Kovacs shrugged and pointed out that Firefox still is the only browser that has a cute animal in the logo.

Ad from a campaign Mozilla runs to create more sympathy for its needy browser
Ad from a campaign Mozilla runs to create more sympathy for its needy browser

The Association for Firefox Developers responded positively. An overjoyed spokeswoman said that this decision was “long overdue” and praised the Mozilla Foundation for “bravely dumping overrated software development concepts”, such as stability, performance and efficiency.

As a final note, Kovacs mentioned that Firefox 7 might use anywhere from 50 to 75% more memory, but promised that the Foundation would give out coupons for discounts on RAM modules.


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