Google, Others More Focused on the Touchscreen

Author: Lana Bandoim
Published: February 23, 2013 at 6:48 am

The Wall Street Journal reported on Feb. 20 that Google has been working on touchscreen technology with the Chrome operating system. Amir Efrati notes that Google is competing with Microsoft and trying to boost low sales of its Chromebooks. It is the latest company to recognize the potential of touchscreen technology and the growing consumer trend toward devices that use it.

It is not clear when Google will release its new touchscreen laptops, but analysts believe that they may be available next year. Touchscreens are moving beyond smartphones and increasingly infiltrating computer and laptop technology. Fighting the “gorilla arm syndrome” that Steve Jobs predicted would be a problem, consumers seem to be slowly getting used to the idea that touchscreens could eventually replace keyboards.

Computerworld predicted that Google was working on a touchscreen laptop on Feb. 12, more than a week before the Wall Street Journal’s scoop on Feb. 20, and it noted that this technology has been linked to Google since 2011. Google is not the only company that is making changes or advances because ZDNet found that Apple received a solar touchscreen patent. In addition, Samsung has recently released an updated version of its Samsung Galaxy Camera that relies on sensitive touchscreen technology. Even touchscreen manufacturers have been in the news with Sollensys announcing a recent acquisition and new CEO Frank Woo as it expands its global reach.

It is clear that companies are recognizing the potential of touchscreen technology in future devices. Google is rumored to view the touchscreen laptops it is developing as the savior for its languishing Chromebooks. Although Apple has not been linked to a prototype touchscreen laptop, its new solar touchscreen patent indicates that the company is exploring other options. The Wall Street Journal notes that “a quarter of all Windows 8 laptops” had touchscreens. However, the technology is not being limited to computers and smartphones. At the Feb. 20 announcement of the PlayStation 4, Sony shared that its GamePad controller will have a touchscreen.




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