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Google Street View Brings Big Zoos to your Small Screen

Author: Steve Woods
Published: August 22, 2013 at 8:15 pm

Teachers and parents who simply can't get the kids out very often can now take the little ones along to (virtually) sneak a peek at animals big and small housed at major zoos throughout the world, thanks to the folks at Google.

According to Technorati top 100 Overall listed blog The Verge, stitched-together stills of the giant pandas of the Chengdu Research Base in China are now available via Google Maps' Street Views feature. Take a stroll down the sidewalks and streets and soak in views of the center that houses fully a third of all giant pandas on the planet.

Along with China's fuzzy black and white offerings are the more photogenic creatures here in the U.S., including those housed at the San Diego Zoo, the Houston Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, and the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. Along with American offerings are Spain's Zoo Aquarium de Madrid and Barcelona's Parc Zoologic.

Read more about Street Views' new additions at the Official Google Maps Blog, and follow their links to walk around major world zoos, from the comfort of your home or classroom.


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