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Google to Launch Algorithm Change to Supercharge Freshness!

Author: Tom Gregan
Published: November 03, 2011 at 4:24 pm



Google has today announced that it will be implementing an algorithm change which will affect a staggering 35% of sites. This change will be aimed at supercharging the caffeine infrastructure which they implemented last year, a change intended at displaying the most recent information at the top of SERPs. This will primarily affect those sites which specialise in either breaking news or current affairs, and those which frequently update their stock or services.

The nature of the update is to assure information about events and hot topics, or from sites which update on a daily/hourly/minutely basis; appear in searches quickly. This is considered desirable for live events, as searchers want the most recent news and by placing the most recent content in the top positions, Google will deliver this.

This is an improvement on the Caffeine infrastructure Google launched back in 2010, which was originally designed to quicken the process of getting new relevant content indexed and to the forefront. Google has pitched the Caffeine update as an assumption that when you search for a current event you want to see results relative to the most recent instance and not that which occurred years ago but may have better ranking metrics. An example is made of a search for the Olympics, which it will now be assumed is relative to the 2012 games as opposed to those which occurred in the 1900’s.

Keeping in mind that the Panda update only affected 12% of sites the impact of this update is significant and it will be interesting to see how this may affect Search Engine Optimisation tactics for sites which publish frequently. For More Info read what Google has to say here.


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