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Author: Steve Woods
Published: August 25, 2013 at 8:07 am

Over the years, I've tried out a number of niche social networks, either to review or to determine their staying power over time. I've spawned accounts at a variety of blogging sites based on one unique feature or another, garnering front row seats to watch the sites (sadly) dry up and wither. Some sites have gained popularity, but never quite jelled with me.

And like many of you, I've racked up a lot of online accounts that simply sit there now, unused and unloved. And I'd like to do a little house-cleaning, because Winter is coming...

Chris Velazco of Technorati Top 100 listed blog TechCrunch delved into a U.K.-based company designed to help you get rid of those ignored dark places in your social home —

When you visit, you'll see an impressive grid of popular sites that many who've dabbled (or downright lived) in socialized and online productivity sites will be familiar with. As Velazco mentions, not every social site is willing to just break off the relationship and move on. Each site has a color code and more information warning you just how hard it will be to officially disentangle yourself from the site.

Twitter and Tumblr? Sweet and easy, keeping it casual. Simply delete the account. Although Twitter keeps the account for awhile (just in case you change your mind — which I've done once), it's simply a waiting game. Eventually the two of you just go on with your lives.

Want to ditch that Vine account? It's a bit complicated, because you both developed Twitter as a friend. You'll need to make sure Twitter knows you don't plan to also leave their life, too. It's complicated.

If Spotify has lost its luster, it's like leaving Janice from Friends. You'll have to actually fill out a form and request someone from customer service remove the account. In other words, you're going to need to break up in person. Oh. My. God...

To learn more about the ins and outs of getting out of all those ignored online accounts, read Velazco's full article.

Best of luck in your online ditching attempts. If you use the service, let us know how it goes for you...


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