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Hope, Heroes and Startups: Spring Metrics - Page 2

Author: Martin Smith
Published: June 14, 2011 at 4:58 pm

Expensive feature rich metrics packages such as CoreMetrics and Omniture cost tens or even hundreds of thousands. These “enterprise” Software as a Service (Saas) products require IT resources to implement, monitor and maintain. Farming actionable insights can require dedicated analysts or additional consulting fees.

Spring Metrics Logo and link Doug and his talented team saw an under served niche for Spring Metrics. Sites with $10MM or less in annual sales have few metrics options. “Companies ask the wrong questions in the wrong way,” Doug said. Shifting focus to “conversion metrics” instead of “web analytics” helps companies make money. “It (e-commerce) is about selling to customers when they’re ready to buy,” Spring Metrics customer Annette Giacomazzi shared in Taming Analytics a recent Internet Retailer article. “Spring Metrics was great,” Phil Buckley Interactive Director at Raleigh communications agency CapStrat told me at lunch not long after my interview with Doug. “Google is sampling more and more data to reduce costs, so I love Spring Metrics’ real time look inside conversion funnels and paths,” Phil shared. Spring Metrics helps businesses understand what is converting NOW. Innovative new metrics platforms such as Spring Metrics help entrepreneurs know why customers buy and THAT makes web analytics suck much less :).

WATCH Spring Metrics VIDEO on LaunchBoxDigital Pitch day ( SM starts at 2:30).

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