iPad 2 - An Expert Speaks (Part 3)

Author: Steve Sprague
Published: March 04, 2011 at 4:48 am

This is final part of a three part interview with Giles Nugent, professor of the popular new iPhone 360 App Development Course at the world renowned SAE Institute – the leading institute for creative media education including audio engineering, animation/3-D animation, iPhone development, digital journalism and multimedia/ film training.

Q. Where can we go to next with the new battery- will we ever get to never charging? (photocells?)

I think that photocells in the future are a definitely possibility; however this was clearly not a focus for the iPad 2 direction now and is clearly not an issue for them going forward which speaks to the goal of the device as it was created. In the future I possibly foresee them going the separate add-on route where a battery of that nature will be something attached rather than built in but I guess you never know!

General Recap:

The announcement  was, as is usual for Apple, as much about where the market will be tomorrow as where it is today. There are a few themes which came out of the conference.

· An emphasis on matching the power of the Motorola Xoom. It is obvious that game players are significant users of mobile technology, and Apple will not surrender this market.

· A reference to business and medical uses. Apple intends for tablet computers to play a larger and larger role in the business environment. And, you can see Apple envisioning the iPad as the solution to the distribution of centralized medical records, charts and xrays.iPad 2

· The iPad is firmly entrenched as a book reader of choice. At least, that is what they want it to be. Jobs mentioned that over 100,000,000 iBooks have been downloaded.

· No mention of improved speakers. Audio must not be considered key to the success of a tablet pc.

· No increase in battery life. Interesting that something that is touted as the future of mobile computing isn't as focused on increasing the time you can actually spend mobile.

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