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Author: Steve Sprague
Published: March 04, 2011 at 4:42 am

We had the chance to speak with Giles Nugent, professor of the popular new iPhone 360 App Development Course at the world renowned SAE Institute – the leading institute for creative media education including audio engineering, animation/3-D animation, iPhone development, digital journalism and multimedia/ film training.

iPad 2As an expert on Apple, we had some nice juicy questions for him! In this three-part interview, Giles goes over some of the more important questions regarding the iPad 2 announcement:

Q. What do the changes in iPad 2 mean to developers? (Will it make the field more competitive/less?)

In fact, a major part of the introduction was the emphasis of the success of the Apple distribution model. Steve Jobs referenced the $2 Billion paid to developers, and that Apple has by far the most superior one-click purchasing experience available. This seemed like a pretty direct shot at the publishing industry, or anyone else who is not happy with Apple's pricing structure. Jobs made it clear that this is the best, most successful store available for distributing their media. Clearly developers will need to be conscious of the imposed content and quality restrictions but it’s no different than how it was for the first iPad.

I think the nature of the announcement in terms of whether the apps will have to become more or less competitive quality wise was not changed. Developers are split into two groups – the high quality games (such as angry birds) and the resume builders who use simple programming to create basic function aps. In either case, nothing the iPad2 has announced will make the barrier for entry different. In my opinion, there will specifically be no discouragement at all to the development community to raise the bar.

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