iPad Remains King Of The Web In Tablet Traffic

Author: Dan Reyes
Published: January 01, 2013 at 6:59 am

Apple's iPad is still number one when it comes to tablet search and tablet popularity on the Web, according to a report.

According to analytics firm Chitika, the iPad dominates page views in the tablet category on the Internet with 87 percent share of Web traffic activity.

Below you'll find the firm's full list of tablet rankings based on their number of impressions per 100 iPad impressions:

1. Amazon Kindle Fire (4.88)
2. Samsung Galaxy Tablets (3.04)
3. Google Nexus Tablets (1.22)
4. Asus Transformer (0.93)
5. Barnes & Noble Nook (0.91)
6. BlackBerry Playbook (0.80)
7. Acer Iconia (0.76)
8. Toshiba Thrive (0.60)
9. Motorola Xoom (0.59)
10. Other Android Tablets (0.45)
11. Microsoft Surface (0.22)
12. HP TouchPad (0.18)
13. Unidentifiable Android Tablets (0.17)

The above result of tablet rankings was drawn from a date range of December 8 to December 14, 2012, and only includes traffic Web traffic from the United States and Canada, according to Chitika.


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