Klout Branches Out

Author: Mike Rickman
Published: August 10, 2011 at 11:39 am

Last month Klout expanded its perimeter fence to include Foursquare as the fifth social network included in its online social influence measuring algorithm, along with slatwarts Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. This was clearly a sign of things to come and now those things are here.


Klout has now opened its doors up to five more of the most popular social networks: tumblr, last.fm, flickr, Blogger and Instagram, allowing users theoretically get a better understanding of the power and extent of their social reach on the Internet. Listed as coming soon are Google+, Facebook Pages, Quora, Yelp, Posterous and Wordpress.

Klout is an exciting and interesting service, to be sure. I take great pleasure in seeing my Klout score bounce around and in comparing myself to others, inspiring such adolation as Klout is Your Mom. But it is still quite unclear just how useful the service actually is to those of us trying to make sense of online activity.

Obviously Klout is not going to reveal their secret recipe, but so far the rating scales and explanations on the site are fairly intuitive to grasp. Simply participating in Twitter, Facebook and YouTube makes it clear that followers, likes, retweets and comments are going to be an indicator of influence.

But as more and more social networks are added, their impact on my score becomes more unclear. Does it simply come down to views and comments, and if so what are they measured against? When I throw all of them into the mix, is my meager presence on flickr or my lack of a blog on Blogger dilute my overall Klout? Are some social networks wieghted more heavily than others? If I don't link up a social network does it affect my score?

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