Marissa Mayer, New Yahoo CEO

Author: Rocio delMoral
Published: July 16, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Yahoo! has finally come up with a new CEO: Marissa Mayer. The previous senior executive at Google has now a bigger task on Yahoo! turf.

She initially wanted to be a neurosurgeon, however, destiny and tuition fees at Stanfod made her look for a more promising major that could give competitive advantage just as the Huffington Post describes.

Thanks to her long and hard work at Google, and now this leap to being Yahoo's CEO, Marissa is one of the most influential women (and executives) in Silicon Valley as the New York Times describes.

This is a great win for Yahoo, after so much time of struggling with different issues and losing great talent to other companies and start ups. Her history in Google included at first computer programming, and then being in charge of Google's look and feel. Lately she had been in charge of Google locations, including Google Maps.

After being employee # 20 on what was known to be a small search engine with a 2% chance of succeeding, Google's Marissa Mayer has finally stepped out of her professional home for 13 years into a bigger plate of responsibility.

Mayer says she will focus her strategy at Yahoo on video and mobile in order to strengthen other Yahoo products such as sports. There have been significant changes in Yahoo in the last months, hopefully Ms. Mayer's presence will set them back on trail and make a bigger and stronger name for the Internet brand.


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