Meet EXOPC, Your Future Desk

Author: Laurie Borland
Published: November 22, 2011 at 10:17 am

Thinking about getting a new PC? Thinking about the future in technology? Thinking about developing an App? Think you have the latest technology figured out? Think again?

And you thought the EXOPC slate, the iPad and the all in one PC's were drippin'....check out the new PC desk of the future....the EXOPC Desk. 

Released Quarter 2 of 2011, the EXOPC Slate harnesses the power of the world's fastest operating system with amazing touch capabilities and apps for real time business decisions as well as for everyday life.  It makes for easy execution on common tasks with pre-made templates.  This operating system is available for those using Windows 7, with plans for expansion. You can own an EXOPC Slat for the holidays by visiting Microsoft retail stores or the online web address.

 As for the EXOPC has a virtual keyboard, apps on your tabletop surface, an RSS feed stream and makes paperless really look like paperless. Talk about steeped in sweetness.  You'll have to wait til 2012...keeping in mind that this 2011 year is only 40 days away from closing down.Lately, developers have made figuring out the latest technology quit simple.  My Facebook developer handle  is Click Chick.  Point and click and drag and drop has made our lives so simple.  Don't get me wrong...I'm a basics kind of girl, but most are when it comes to technology.  It needs to be simple, quick, and of course easy to master tutorials.  Our lives are complicated, but technology makes our lives frictionless.  It may feel like it moves faster....but new technology makes it more frictionless (at least when everything is running full tilt)  We all can live in real time now.  You don't want to miss out like that guy who missed the text on the flash mob or the office party or worse, a job opening.

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