Meet Susan Bennett, the Real Voice Behind Siri

Author: Steve Woods
Published: October 04, 2013 at 6:18 am

While her voice (and virtual persona) has become famous the world over, cavorting playfully with actors in our commercials and making our lives easier, Susan Bennett from Atlanta, Georgia has been a relative unknown, until today.

CNN reporter Jessica Ravitz was recently interviewing Bennett about voice-over work, when she came to the realization that the voice she was hearing over the phone was very, very familiar....

According to CNN, Bennett has, after so many years of keeping it secret, has chosen to reveal that she, indeed, is the voice of Siri, Apple's virtual mobile assistant.

How did Bennett become Siri? Here are a few snippets, but you can visit CNN for the full scoop. Listen for yourself and decide....

Bennett began working with ScanSoft, a software company providing virtual voices for a variety of applications, back in 2005. This work and the variety of recordings she performed for them became, in 2011, the voice heard today on iPhone operating systems, including the iOS 7.

Bennett was never told that her voice would be used for Siri, but she knew it when she heard it.

"Oh, I knew," she said. "It's obviously me. It's my voice."

With the latest iteration of Apple's operating system, however, Siri's vocal kingdom has been halved, as a new male voice has made an appearance, and can swapped to on an upgraded phone's settings.

While Apple won't confirm one way or another whether or not Bennett is the voice behind their virtual mobile assistant, a professional voice analysis done shows 100% certainty that Bennet's voice is the one millions hear from their phone on a daily basis.

Now that Bennett has come out to public, how many of us will see her face in our heads when listening to Siri tell us the weather outside today...

Image, video courtesy CNN


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