Microporn Makes Editor's Pick on Twitter's Vine

Author: Stephen Alexander
Published: January 28, 2013 at 9:07 am

VineAt least some users have complained bitterly about the “microporn” video that appeared as an “Editor's Pick” on Twitter's new 6-second video service, Vine.

The video in question appeared with a warning notice that was removable by tapping. The six-second clip was featured prominently at the top of users' home screens, covered only by a warning notice.

A warning notice is generated for Vine videos when enough users report a video as inappropriate. This is suppose to warn users about extreme content, though this provides no protection for children accessing these “microporn” videos.

Microporn is the new term for Vine videos that contain sexually explicit material in a 6-second format.

This particular video was removed after Twitter users started tweeting about it. But it was too late, as the clip had made the “Popular now” ranking and was promoted once more to a prominent position on the app.

Twitter blamed “human error” for the video's appearance in its apology to users. A company statement said, in part,

“A human error resulted in a video with adult content becoming one of the videos in Editor's Picks, and upon realizing this mistake we removed the video immediately.”

Previously to this incident, complaints of 6-second pornographic material were mounting against Vine. However, these images were typically only available to those who searched for the videos.

But being officially selected as an Editor's Pick, this video appeared at the top of the screen for all users when they opened the app. Users were able to view the x-rated material without leaving the homepage.


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