Microsoft Officially Launches Email Service

Author: Tim Gibbon
Published: February 20, 2013 at 8:13 am
Share logoSoftware and technology company Microsoft has officially launched its email service from beta, and it links together social networking and cloud service SkyDrive. is effectively Microsoft laying Hotmail to rest (albeit gradually), its early email client (that launched in 1996) that was credited as the first free email service. Hotmail was instrumental in helping shape how consumers used the Internet, and indeed email. has been in preview since summer last year and is now taking advantage of its Hotmail audience, describing the transition as an ‘instant and seamless process by upgrading every user to Hotmail email users @Hotmail email address, contacts, password etc., will remain the same but will benefit from the new design and interface. Users can change their email address to @Outlook if they wish, but it isn’t mandatory.

Microsoft refers to as modern email claiming to reach 0 to 60 million active users within six-months heavily using design, flexibility and privacy to entice as well as hold onto users. allows users to connect to social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (for business or personal use), it also enables them to send photographs and video using is cloud-based service SkyDrive.

SkyDrive unveiled by Microsoft in 2007. SkyDrive is built into the newly released email service reported to have been used by users to share more than half a billion images and Office documents.

Technorati recently reported on Microsoft’s campaign website Scroogled that purports to outline the advertising and privacy concerns with Google’s Gmail. The campaign site launched earlier this month.

Although the Microsoft claims successful transition thus far, there seems to be much yet to be addressed with any product as outlined by comments on the blog.


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