More Cyber Security Training is Needed

Author: Lana Bandoim
Published: February 12, 2013 at 7:37 am


A report from Techworld published on Feb. 12 highlights the need for more cyber training in the U.K., and it is not the only country that has noticed this. The National Audit Office (NAO) points out that the lack of adequately trained individuals hinders many government and business efforts to boost cyber security. On Feb. 13, President Barack Obama may issue an executive order on this topic.

Cyber security legislation may be coming to the U.S., and President Obama could issue guidelines that would focus on creating standard procedures to enhance security for businesses. Government agencies may also see changes and be required to share information with businesses. Reports about the executive order have appeared several days after the U.S. Federal Reserve confirmed that it is still investigating a hacking incident.

Many countries are noticing the need for more cyber security, and Italy recently issued a decree that focuses on enhancing national security. However, there is growing concern about the lack of training that could hurt government and business efforts. As noted by the NAO, there are simply not enough people who have received cyber security training, but there are programs being designed to combat this. Mile2 recently announced its collaboration with Merit Network, Inc. to provide better cyber security certifications such as CISSO (Certified Information Systems Security Officer), and the ISA (International Society of Automation) recently shared a book that focuses on defense through training and principles.

Statements from the U.S. Federal Reserve reveal that it is still not sure how much information hackers could have accessed. Despite the involvement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, it may be a while before this case is resolved. Cyber security is no longer something that government agencies or other organizations can ignore. 


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