Netflix Prepares to Launch Cable-Hosted Subscription Service

Author: Lisa Stephens
Published: March 08, 2012 at 4:19 pm

netflixMedia wars continue. The on-going quest of cable and internet service providers for control of televised information provided for in-home viewing continues to be a considerable hurdle in cooperative technologies. Netflix now makes its move to partner as a service on cable-hosted access.

Netflix' most recent project was an attempt to split its services last year, becoming a mail-inspired DVD service, Qwikster, and separately, maintaining its video and TV show streaming accessed through Netflix. A split which resulted in disinterest from customers, and lead to significant loss.

Now, as cable service providers continue to control televised viewing, on-demand viewing remains the amenity up-sell. Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings submits, "It's not in the short term, but it's the natural direction in the long-term," suggesting competitive resources for on-demand access are the only avenue for tele-streaming, and the only place for a video service to weasel in.

In fact, with demand created by viewers wanting a more customized 'less is more' option, such as offered by free or low-cost internet subscriptions... who wants to sit around watching TV, anyway, when all of the research points to activity being a healthy advantage? The fact is that paying upwards of $100 for basic service in most instances only provides minimal entertainment value, but places a portion of time in the over-budgeted minds of the viewing public, which although may not be valuable, is demonstrated as value which is necessary or its wasteful. We tend to watch if we're paying for basic, we tend to spend more if what we want is additional.

Cable, with hundreds of shows on basic service, but only if you are interested in participating in advertisement overload, allows media moguls to now have the viewing public's 'undivided' and over-subscribed attention.

Netflix wants in.

If all goes as suggested, Neftlix could be offered on some cable subscriber's menus for an additional fee, possibly by the end of the year, claiming access to more valuable time and potentially excessive amounts of expendable cash... if that still exists.

Watching, amounts to and accounts for, some amount of time and money... how much does this economy require?

Green business sense suggests strategies that provide for budget accountability. Netflix offers services, cable requires basic service. Responsibility will provide for service considerations in terms of user and subscriber attention... here's hoping our only connection to viewing is controlled by responsible behavior.

(... and that Desperate Housewives remains accessible on basic service.)


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