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New Project Aims to Teach Children How to Code

Author: Adi Gaskell
Published: June 22, 2013 at 7:05 am

codingThe last 18 months has seen education technology take off in a big way.  We've seen the likes of Khan Academy become a feature in many schools.  The MOOCs have continued their march as well, while crowdfunding platforms have even begun financing young peoples' studies.

Mobile industry veteran Ajit Jaokar is also attempting to instigate his own education revolution.  Jaokar has taken to Kickstarter to fund his mission to make coding taught better in our schools, and the project has proved immensely popular.  

The project, called Feynlabs, aims to change how computer programming is taught in schools.  He wants to shift things so that students learn computational thinking before they learn how to code.

With computing prowess increasingly important to national economic success, this is an area that western nations need to get right.

Last year there was consternation that South Korea was outpacing the US in engineering graduates. The Washington Post pointed out that South Korean “undergraduate students are five times more likely to major in engineering than their counterparts in the United States.”

Jaokar's initiative aims to tackle this problem by getting to the root of it.  He believes that by teaching computing rather than any specific coding language it gives students a better base to work from.

Educational experts even believe that the notion of computational thinking is as important in our digital age as the traditional three Rs.  The spread of computers in our life make the ability to think logically essential.

Trials of the scheme are already in place in London, Amsterdam and Liverpool, and with the Kickstarter funding this will hopefully give the means to expand the scheme still further.


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