NVIDIA Promises To Ship Tegra 3 Smartphones This Quarter

Author: Reed Sanders
Published: February 16, 2012 at 1:11 pm

At MWC 2012 (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain, NVIDIA will be showing off its latest Tegra 3 mobile chipset. The quad-core Tegra 3 is the powerful processor within the ASUS Transformer Prime tablet, and will no doubt be highlighted by many more devices at MWC.

We have already heard about HTC having the new NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor included in their new smartphone release plans for 2012, as well as many tablet makers. Now we have NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang stating that not only will we see Tegra 3 spotlighted at MWC, but we'll also have some of those devices shipping within the same quarter to the public. Here's what Huang stated,

This quarter we are expecting to ship Tegra 3 based superphones...At Mobile World Congress is when we expect to announce these devices, and we expect to announce and ship them this quarter.

NVIDIA reported their financial results for Q4 2011 with great numbers, showing they have brought costs down to generate better profits matched by higher revenue and sales. With the Tegra 3 processor gaining popularity in 2012, this is sure to be another winning year for NVIDIA.

Source - NVIDIA, The Verge


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