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Author: Cirina Catania
Published: February 06, 2013 at 8:53 am

(Los Angeles, CA) February, 5, 2012 - Over 200 billion photos will be captured on smart phones this year. How many of these will need correction? How many will be archived just as they are, albeit looking less than amazing and left in folders on computers for future generations?

There are many mobile photo apps or software plug-ins out there that profess to "fix" your photo, but few have the intelligence of Perfectly Clear from Athentech Imaging. Years of research and millions of dollars in development, this plug-in for Photoshop or Lightroom (or an app for your smartphone) offers 12 corrections with one click of your mouse.

I recently interviewed Athentech Imaging's COO, Andy Williams, and Rafael Soltero.

I originally demo'd the Perfectly Clear software during PhotoPlus and began using it in earnest when I got home, just to give it a try. After two months, I am addicted to it. For those of us who use Photoshop or Lightroom and want our images delivered for client review or for publication looking their very best, this app shortens our workflow times noticeably. In the past, I could spend valuable time trying to adjust my images so they would be perfect before sending them out. This program now does the work for me in seconds. Unlike Photoshop's horrendous "auto adjust," or time spent manually fixing every aspect of the photos, this gives me beautiful results that very rarely need any further tweaking. Yes, very rarely need further tweaking…what a concept.

Additionally, Perfectly Clear allows me to compare the original with the now perfect exposure, accept it and send it out to my clients. I've gotten to the point that I use this comparison feature just for the rush of seeing how different the images are, then I almost always just click OK and move on. Where I might have taken several minutes to process a group of photos for submission, I can now do it in lightning speed, usually under 2-3 seconds, knowing that the results will please my creative eye. If by some chance I want to make further adjustments, I can make those additional changes quite easily.

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