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Researcher Grant Cameron Talks McElroy, Research, and Credibility in Ufology

Author: Tim Brosnan
Published: May 29, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron runs the web site Presidential UFO, where he makes the case that various presidential administrations have shown either interest in, or some involvement with, UFO phenomena.

He’s also responsible for obtaining the 1,000-page stack of documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that X-Conference organizer Stephen Bassett says “completely confirm” that billionaire Laurance Rockefeller met with both Bill and Hillary Clinton to discuss ending the United States government’s UFO “truth embargo.”

I called Cameron recently to ask him about Henry W. McElroy, Jr. That’s the NH state legislator I wrote about recently, who appears in a YouTube video dated May 8 in which he claims to have seen an official government “briefing document” that referred to a planned meeting between former President Eisenhower and extraterrestrials.

“I was very impressed with (McElroy) when I first saw (the video),” Cameron says. “I just thought it was a fascinating story and I said let’s get it up.”

But at the time that Cameron posted a link to the video at Presidential UFO, he hadn’t vetted it and he offered no disclaimer indicating that the identity of the man in the video had yet to be verified.

Asked to comment on his hastiness, Cameron allowed, “Yes, I should have (posted a disclaimer).”

A photocopy of McElroy’s listing in the Handbook of New Hampshire Elected Officials was later obtained by Technorati and the face in the photocopy matches the face in the video. It’s McElroy, alright.

So why did one of ufology’s premiere investigators fail to vet the video before implicitly embracing it?

He played a hunch, it seems.

“I thought it was legitimate because he wasn’t adding any color to it,” Cameron says. “He wasn’t making a big deal of it.”

Going nowhere

Let’s say that McElroy’s sanity and veracity could be established beyond any reasonable doubt. What would that mean?

“Even if he did see something, it means nothing,” Cameron says. “It goes nowhere. There’s nothing to confirm it at all.”

Cameron also says that, to his knowledge, only one UFO researcher has attempted to contact McElroy in the two weeks that have passed since the video was posted. And even that researcher, Larry Bryant, didn’t actually speak with McElroy. He was intercepted by an intermediary who acted as go-between and the upshot of their conversation was that McElroy has nothing further to say.

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