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Author: Stephen Alexander
Published: January 29, 2013 at 7:55 am

ReviewerCardFor the measly price of $100, you too can obtain a ReviewerCard to display to your service professionals at restaurants or anywhere else you find yourself among service professionals to apparently enjoy premium service and build rapport with your service professionals.

According to the website, the ReviewerCard is held by a community of reviewers, who are the most active of many of today's popular review sites. The founder, Brad Newman, got the idea while confronting a rude waiter in France. (Hopefully, he doesn't believes it's the only rude waiter in France.)

Anyhow, after threatening the management of the restaurant with a bad online review, Brad was given an apology and a free breakfast by the management of said restaurant. This got him thinking and he proceeded with the ReviewerCard so that other people could get the treatment he once got.

Now, Brad wants you to flash his ReviewerCard at every restaurant and diner you visit, and likely hotels and vacation resorts too. Do you really want to take a chance of being noticed as an online complainer or do you want to just fly under the radar?

The ReviewerCard has apparently made the online trending rounds this week, after online publications started the discourse on the passive-aggressive technique to obtain favorable treatment. However, the card doesn't guarantee your food safety.

Do you want to take a chance that the fly placed in your soup is not floating but submerged because the waiter or cook wanted to get you before you get him?

Or for a real life example, do you want to be associated with stories like the one that happened yesterday in a New York City restaurant, where an Italian speaking customer at Smith & Wollensky's had the police called because the man wouldn't pay his bill. The man went online after his night in jail and apparently told a story about his alleged mistreatment.

However, the police in the case report the fact that the man had $118 dollars in his wallet and refused to pay the bill. Now, imagine that someone similar to that man had been a member of ReviwerCard and just abused a restaurant that your visiting.

Do you really want to flash the same membership card and be a part of that community of active online reviewers?


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