Revitalization of Windows 8 in Late February

Author: Ahmad Wahid
Published: February 03, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Windows 8 Beta, the next Flagship operating system of Microsoft, would be launched in late February with many new features different from Windows Developer Preview. The next version of Windows 8 would include an active Store for the consumers, Customizable Metro-UI, new refresh & reset options and many more.

Window s 8 Metro-UI

The next big marvelous launch by the Redmond-based software giant, Microsoft, is just around the corner with many new thoughts and features. The successor of Windows 7 and the most talked version of Windows, Windows 8 would be released for public preview in late February.

Initially released as pre-beta, Windows 8, the first ever version released for public, was made available for public last September and was code-named as Windows Developer Preview. But now, with next version of Windows 8, technically ‘beta’, people are expecting something special in the pipeline.

As claimed by Microsoft, Windows 8 is revolutionized for both PCs and touch/non-touch mobile devices. With Metro Style apps to get hardware acceleration, Windows 8 is designed to give immersive and easy to use interface for the smooth user-experience.

Let’s have a look at the features and improvements, to be included in Windows 8 Beta:

  • Windows Store: The first and probably the best feature of Windows 8 Beta would be the only source of Metro-Style apps, designed for the convenient usage of individual and corporate users.
  • Metro Style Apps: We would see many metro style apps in Windows 8 Beta which were, previously, in desktop version, e.g. music/video player and image viewer.
  • Improved Metro-UI: The Metro style user interface, aka the start menu, of Windows 8 Beta would get many new changes and features including an option of background changer to allow the users to customize the background of Metro-UI by selecting from a wide range of given colors.
  • Color Selection choice during Installation: Windows 8 Beta would provide users the option to select color for overall interface of Metro-UI where they would, finally, be able to get rid of the green color found in Windows 8 Developer Preview.
  • Semantic Zoom for Mouse users: Semantic Zoom allows the users to name the app groups as well as to see all the apps pinned to Metro-UI by zooming out, neglecting the need to scroll in-order to view the desired apps. This option was previously available only for the touchscreen devices in Windows Developer Preview.
  • Improved Charms Bar: Windows 8 supports a quick launch like pop-menu which appears when you swipe to the right of the screen. That’s where all the necessary options, e.g. search, settings, share etc. can be found which may be a one stop menu for all the necessary options for users. Windows 8 Beta would get some visual improvements, i.e. translucent Charms Bar would appear if the right side of the screen is touched, accidently, and mouse users would also get the Charms Bar on the right side whereas currently it can be accessed by going to the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Closing of all the Metro apps with just swipe of finger/mouse: Windows 8 Beta would support closing of Metro apps in just a swipe or drag of mouse cursor from the top of the screen to the bottom.

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