Samsung Accelerates Smart School Solutions with Copia Partnership

Author: Ed Valdez
Published: February 07, 2013 at 3:38 am

Samsung Smart School Demo TCEASamsung Electronics launched its next generation Smart School solution today with Copia, a social e-learning platform provider, at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Convention in Austin, Texas. The strategic partnership combines Samsung’s robust product portfolio (smartphones, tablets, displays, printers, etc.) with Copia’s interactive e-reading software to yield a complete end-to-end solution that will help students reach their full potential.

Copia platformNearly 37% of K-12 teachers plan to transition to e-learning within five years; however, 74% of them are uncertain about how to shift to digital text books and interactive learning (source: Enterasys). Samsung’s partnership with Copia will provide a set of solutions that can transition learning from being teacher-centric to student-centric: all students can have access to devices, digital content and applications that improve student engagement and academic performance.

Learning PyramidAccording to several landmark studies (see chart), retention rates increase from a rate of 5-10% (via passive learning) to as high as 75-90% with interactive learning. “Samsung leads the industry in designing innovative digital hardware – smartphones, tablets, and more,” said Ben Lowinger, EVP and founder of Copia. “As more and more schools turn to Samsung’s Smart School platform to digitize their classrooms, Copia is excited to partner with Samsung. We’ve worked hard to deliver a platform that answers the many needs of digital educators – content from all the leading educational publishers...that gives teachers the tools to lead and guide students through rich discussions and learning experiences.”

Copia’s partnership with Samsung has created the most advanced interactive classroom experience available in the market by integrating Copia into Samsung’s Smart School platform:

  • Samsung’s Smart School solutions leverage innovative device technology to connect and power the classroom experience in an efficient and effective way and
  • Copia solutions deliver digital textbooks, video content, interactive labs, and other classroom tools directly to Smart School students’ devices that allow them to utilize social networks to interact with each other around the content.

Samsung and Copia have initiated a pilot Smart School solutions initiative within a large California school district. By joining forces, both expect to make a difference across the U.S. by advancing e-learning to equip students with 21st century skills for the next generation work force. Samsung is targeting more than 20 percent of the global education market by 2015.


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