SmartDraw 2013 Released, Adds Mobile & Online Sharing

Author: Geoff Simon
Published: December 12, 2012 at 1:06 pm

SmartDraw Software announced the release of SmartDraw 2013, the flagship business document drawing tool. According to the announcement, features like online sharing and mobile capabilities are built into the new version. With the increased focus on visual content and integration with mobile devices, SmartDraw is keeping pace with what it's customers want and need from a visual drawing and collaboration tool for business.

Not only is the software great for building presentations, but manages the entire process of collecting documents, images and other materials all the way through to presenting material and even assigning action items to team members directly from a single dashboard. This enables users to increase accountability and make it easier to follow-up with team members and gives the program some project management capabilities that really help keep teams organized around specific jobs or tasks.

Paul Stannard, SmartDraw CEO stated, "SmartDraw's meeting organization and project planning tools are perfect for keeping everyone up-to-date on team projects. And with SmartShare, it's also ideal for a virtual meeting, which makes collaboration with outside contractors, service providers and remote team members a snap."

Presentations are also made easier with the PowerPoint builder feature. This allows you to put together PowerPoint presentations from any collection of visuals. The really neat feature though is the ability to get your presentation together, polish it up and save it to SmartShare, where you can access it via your iPhone, web interface or other mobile device. "If you want, you can just plug your iPhone into a projector, instead of lugging around a laptop," Stannard says. "You can literally carry a presentation in your pocket or your purse."

There are over 3 million business users each year that use one of SmartDraw's 3 different editions. They also offer a free 7-day trial if you visit them at


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