The Wonderful Prothesis

Author: Jack Bushell
Published: July 10, 2011 at 9:59 am

Approximately one out of every 200 people has had some kind of amputation, according to the Amputation Coalition, and life becomes a much more difficult task when having to deal with missing limbs.

Prosthetics, though, help people regain the functionality of a lost limb and today, they’re available for just about every body part from legs and arms to heart valves and even breasts.

Some of the most recent advancements include the use of thermal plastics and composites, making prosthetics lighter and stronger. There have also been huge design renovations that make these artificial limbs easier to use and more visually appealing.

Microprocessors are also beginning to be utilized as they are placed onto joints, sockets, and muscles and can be triggered by the flexing of other muscles to manipulate movement in the artificial limb via electrodes. Hydraulics are finally becoming integrated into the world of prosthetics, as well, and has always been a vision of my own. I hope that, some day, robotic limbs may finally become a reality for people that use prosthetics.

One of the best examples of advances in prosthetics is the myoelectric hand, a prosthetic with a computer chip that can sense when you give a brain command to grasp something. With the aid of computers and digital imaging, prosthetics are fitting better, lasting longer and providing a pleasing look to amputees.

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