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Ways to Improve Your Home Wi-Fi Network for Optimal Entertainment

Author: Don Martelli
Published: September 21, 2012 at 12:51 pm

In the early days of Wi-Fi, consumers would have to worry about things like phone interference and other nuances that would significantly limit the browsing, gaming and digital entertainment experience.

However, routers have come a long, long way and there’s a variety to choose from.

Take the Western Digital (WD) My Net HD series of routers (N600, N750, N900 & N900 Central). These powerful devices feature FasTrack technology and will enable you to handle multiple content demands and stream high quality, HD entertainment any time. These routers make it just a plug and play away from getting your home juiced up with uninterrupted Wi-Fi goodness.

Additionally, there are some other things you can do to optimize the experience in your home, including:

  • Router Placement: It’s critical to figure out where you’re going to locate your router. You don’t want to stick it on a bottom shelf of a bookcase, in the back room of your house. You want it to live in a central area of the house so that it can maximize the range no matter where you are at home – inside or outside.
  • Security: The last thing you want to do is broadcast your Wi-Fi to the neighborhood and have unsuspecting “guests” cruising around on network, hogging up bandwidth and leaving you open to malicious cyber hackers. Make sure you enable the security features on the device so you can lock it down for you and your guests. Another handy tip is to make your router’s Wi-Fi password something that you can remember, yet is still complicated enough that your average computer hacker can’t figure it out in five minutes.
  • SSID Creation: You should also consider using a smart SSID name for your network. Making it “Router1234” or leaving it at the factory setting is a bad idea, especially if there are others in the neighborhood. Make it something only you’d know, but doesn’t specifically make it recognizable to your home. This just adds another level or security. In fact, you can always make the SSID non-discoverable. 
  • Firmware Updates: You should look for firmware updates on your router at least once every other month. Manufacturers are always improving their products and that includes the software that manages the devices. Updating your firmware will ensure your router is running on the latest platform and working at high capacity.
  • Change the Channel: Another easy way to ensure your router is not interfering with any other wireless technology in the home is to change the channel to which the connectivity is streaming.
  • Minimize Interference: Overtime, you’ll start placing things on, around, near, etc. your router. Don’t do that. Cut out interference so you can maximize the reach of your device. The more “stuff” that’s in the way of your router, the more chance it’ll experience interference.
  • Guest Access: Take a look to see if your router allows for the set up of guest access. This will give your visitors a way to log on to your network in a secure manner without having to give them full network access.

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