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Web 3.0 Demystified: An Explanation in Pictures for the Rest of Us

Author: Deltina Hay
Published: September 22, 2010 at 7:38 pm


In this first series of articles, we discuss each of the fundamental elements that are moving us toward an application-driven, Web-based, mobile computing era, and how they will ultimately effect search optimization.

The first of these elements is Web 3.0, which aims to make online content easier for machines to understand, and opens up and links large sets of data in consistent ways.

Finding a definition for Web 3.0 is no easy task when most people are still trying to grasp Web 2.0. However, it is a necessary task since Web 3.0 technologies are encroaching on the Internet quickly. Perhaps the best way is to start at the beginning.

Web 1.0: The Internet in One Dimension

In the beginning, the Internet was flat. Think of it as a collection of documents (Websites) lined up side by side. Though many of the sites may have linked to each other, those links simply took a user straight to the linked site, and maybe back again.

Each Website was classified using metadata composed of meta-keywords, meta-descriptions, and meta-titles that described what the content of the Website was about. At their simplest, search engines used established search algorithms to comb through all of the Websites’ metadata to return what it considered relevant results based on your choice of key words.

Internet inventor, Timothy Berners-Lee, refers to this phase of the Internet as a “Web of Documents.”

The Internet in One Dimension


Web 2.0: A Two Dimensional Internet

This next generation of the Internet added another dimension: Collaboration.

This added dimension means that Websites are linked in a more collaborative way. Instead of sending a visitor away from a site to view related content, the content is actually drawn into the visited site from the related site using RSS feeds or widgets.

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