Windows 8 Consumer Preview: 1 Million download in 1 day

Author: Abiel Abuy
Published: March 01, 2012 at 1:56 pm

The tweet above is the actual tweet of Microsoft’s Building Windows Twitter breaking the news that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was downloaded at least 1 million times during the past 24 hours, and it looks like a lot of people are still interested and want to have an early look at the next Windows Operating System.

If this is any indication, interest in the upcoming Windows 8 OS is strong, and this could translate into strong revenue for Microsoft once they officially release Windows 8 later this year. It also looks like the risks that Microsoft took when they took the Metro UI from Windows Phones and applied to Windows 8 is paying off.

Interestingly enough, last year when Apple released the Mac OSX (Lion), they also reported that they got 1 million downloads in just 1 day, the difference between Apple and Microsoft being that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is free, while Mac OSX (Lion) is not.

So what do you think about the new Windows 8? How's the Metro UI?

Source: @BuildWindows8


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