With Online Hackathon, Microsoft Hopes to Bridge Gaps for Windows 8

Author: Tommy Swanson
Published: August 16, 2012 at 3:21 pm

Microsoft has the software experience. They have strong buzz surrounding their upcoming Windows 8 release. They have the capital to expose it to the world and the engines to drive their software to all of the Windows 8 devices that will be available on the market soon.

The biggest challenge they have in trying to take market share from iOS and Android is the number of apps. As part of the effort to bridge the gap, they have commissioned a massive online hackathon to bring their software to the forefront of the app development world.

Starting Friday, Microsoft and CoderCharts will be holding the first Windows 8 App-a-Thon, an online-only event that will pit programming teams against each other for prizes ($1000 value of gift cards for each winning app), bragging rights, and the chance to have their apps on display ahead of the Windows 8 release.

Many app development teams are having difficulty getting exposure in the massive iOS and Android worlds. Apple’s App Store and Google Play are encumbered by hundreds of thousands of apps, many of which lay dormant with no exposure. The Windows 8 Store will offer a fresh venue through which developers can launch apps against less competition.

“This is a great opportunity”, said David Berthelot, CTO of CoderCharts, “for developers to get ahead in a brand new territory.”

Microsoft is no stranger to hackathons. They’ve held them in major cities across the country, but there is a logistical element that often limits participation. Developers and teams must travel to the events to compete.

The App-a-Thon is a virtual hackathon. Teams do not need to be in the right place at the right time to participate, nor do they even have to be together to compete. This allows broader collaboration potential and gives the event the ability to appeal to talent across the country and around the world at the same time.

From August 17th through August 26th, teams will be allowed to submit as many unique apps as they like in the categories of utility, lifestyle, and edutainment. Registration is currently open and developers will have their apps judged in an open atmosphere.

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